Wildflower Planting


I’m always keen to introduce wildflower planting into my designs. Even a small wildflower area can create a softening effect in your garden, and there are many other attractive ways in which wildflowers can be used.

Wildflower TurfTM is a great way to create a stunning wildflower area in next to no time. It’s easy to install and establishes very quickly. Once established, it only needs cutting once a year.

Encouraging biodiversity

The turf is a dense mat of plants, so it acts like a thick blanket, suppressing weeds and helping the wildflowers take root quickly. It contains thirty species of wildflowers native to the UK, plus two UK native grass species. The grasses are chosen to complement the wildflowers rather than compete with them and also to provide a food source for birds and a habitat for butterflies and other insects.




Wildflower Turf Ltd is the leading supplier of wildflower turf products in the UK. The company developed the concept of Wildflower Turf in 2003 and now produces a range of innovative  products for specifiers, installers, estate managers and landowners. It has an award-winning pedigree and strives continuously to build on its industry-leading position.


Wildflower habitats are home to a huge diversity of wildlife, including pollinators such as bees. Research shows that in a wildflower environment insect numbers can increase by 500% compared to grass. Wildflower meadows are also an effective carbon sink, absorbing twice as much carbon as an equivalent-sized woodland.