Show Gardens -inspiration for your own garden design?

Back in May, I visited Chelsea Flower Show for my dose of this gardening extravaganza. The show ground as usual was packed with the garden loving public, especially around the show gardens. In fact, it was a struggle to see much of the gardens at all, such was the throng of people gathered around them.

These show gardens demonstrate and embody the great diversity of design and the skill it takes from both the designer and landscaper to create them. It is also heart warming to see how many people are fascinated and inspired by them. Maybe this is why some of these garden designers have reached almost celebrity status and therefore, the general public can be forgiven for believing that this level of design is only achievable by these famous few.

However, this is not the case, there being a large number of garden designers throughout the UK , capable of this level of design.

It is also worth remembering that these Chelsea gardens cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to create, even though the area they occupy is relatively small. These budgets are way beyond what many clients can afford, but that does not mean that you cannot design and create a wonderful garden without one.

Budgets are often an awkward subject with clients and often there is a level of naivety as to how much even a simple design can cost to construct. Surely you would not think about having your house renovated or a new extension built without considering a budget?

It is well worth remembering that a well designed garden can not only add value to your house, but also add value to your life. Like a well designed house, well designed gardens have a balanced flow to them. From the shapes and sizes of the hard and softscape, to the detail of the materials, textures and colours used, each part has taken the client’s needs and desires in to consideration, so the overall design has a sense of harmony and balance. There is a flow through the garden. It is bespoke to the client and the house it belongs to.

I know that I am biased, but I do say this with conviction, that, asking a garden designer to design your garden is money well spent. It is like having an architect design a new house or an extension for you. You are paying for their knowledge and expertise and for them to inspire and guide you through the process. So, at the end you will have something that is personal to you and you will enjoy it all the more because of it.

I can always tell houses and gardens that have grown rather organically, as their owners have added bits on here and there, without considering the effect on the whole. There is a sense of discord within the space with harmony and flow missing altogether.

Many garden designers, including myself offer a free initial consultation, so why not arrange one, it may change your life for the better.

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