My Skills and Services

As a experienced garden designer I have the skills and services to cope with a wide range of garden projects (see How I Work). My service includes:

•   Initial consultation
•   Site appraisal
•   Sketch plans, ‘mood boards’ and 3D visuals
•   Developing the final masterplan
•   Finalising construction details
•   Setting out plans
•   Planting design and plans.

Depending on the nature of the project, I can also oversee construction and landscaping work (see below).


Planting Design

If you are planning a major garden redesign, you’ll almost certainly want to commission detailed planting schemes. But if you just want to refresh a part of your garden – a border that has started to look a bit tired, or a tricky shaded area – I can provide a tailor-made planting scheme that suits your site and provides year-round interest. For an additional fee I can also source the plants and help you with the planting itself.

A detailed planting plan can show the exact location and quantity of each plant.


Project Monitoring

If you’d prefer not to get involved in the day-to-day work of overseeing construction work, I can handle the project monitoring side for you, including:

•    Putting work out to tender (including producing construction drawings, setting-out plans, schedules of work, etc.)
•    Selecting and appointing contractors
•    Attending site meetings
•    Sourcing materials
•    Inspecting and monitoring progress.

Please note that although I select and appoint contractors and negotiate with them on your behalf, payment is strictly between you and the contractor. I work entirely on behalf of you, the client. Contractors and suppliers are selected entirely on their merits and never for financial gain.

Garden Care and Maintenance

Keeping a garden looking good all the year round can be a lot of work. If you want the pleasure of a garden without the pain of looking after it, I can draw up a detailed maintenance schedule and suggest contractors who can do the work for you.


Not everybody wants a wholesale garden makeover. If you are just looking to revamp part of your garden or need some fresh ideas, I’m happy to visit you at home and discuss whatever you need. After our meeting, I’ll send you a written report with detailed advice on how to achieve the result you want.



As an accredited partner of Wildflower Turf Ltd, I’m a keen advocate of wildflower planting. You don’t need to have a huge area in order to create a wildflower meadow, and wildflower turf can be used in a variety of ways to great effect, including strips down the sides of paths, on slopes and even on roofs.